Storytelling without Borders: something different in Derry~Londonderry

Social Innovation Camp popped round to CultureTECH in Derry~Londonderry last Friday, 13th September, for an event called Off the page: Storytelling without borders.

We brought along some friends:

We wanted to try something a bit different: what if we took our normal concept, getting people interested in a concept along with some experts and try to create something in a short length of time? We focussed on storytelling, trying to start with a series of prompts and get together groups of people who’d never met before.

We started the day with a exercise – looking at the conflicts of human tragedy. We took those ideas and built four stories over the day with the help of our excellent mentors above:

  • Mother, a story of a future Derry~Londonderry where cleanliness is equal to godliness
  • A story about a young girl who discovered the secrets that wander Derry~Londonderry late at night
  • A story about a young boy who needs a dentist – but discover upon meeting that dentist that there’s more to life than looks
  • A most dystopian future based on “a life of boring meals” that I could describe.

We’re going to work with the writers to help them finish their book and get it into some shops and – perhaps – on ebook as well. Watch this space for details over the next few weeks.


This work was generously supported by the Building Change Trust in association with the BIG Lottery fund:

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Social Innovation Camp Kuala Lumpur – 6 ideas

Our partners over at Social Innovation Camp Asia have been storming their way across Asia. They selected 6 ideas from the Philippines and now 6 ideas for Kuala Lumpur as well. Here they are:

* CrowdCities – CrowdCities is a crowdsourcing platform to empower citizens to invest in building and restoring public spaces in their local communities, allowing citizens to broadcast their ideas to help target and improve the development of the cities they live in. It aims to raise collective resources and expertise available across communities, neighbours, and the entire city to fund and build public infrastructures.
* Guardian Angel – Guardian Angel is a GPS-enabled application which functions via a single click to make a series of alert-calls based on a customized-programmed escalation sequence. When the user clicks on the mobile app, customized alert smses or calls are generated, allowing receipient(s)–family member and/or friends–to respond. The always-on GPS functionality allows for the tracking of user. This app allows for an app-based social enterprise to be created if there are enough users who need to alert a service provider, like a doctor or ambulance, instead of a family member or friends.
* – is an online platform created to find missing children, combat child trafficking. It allows parents and NGOs to upload profile of missing children, and allow public and travellers to snap pictures of street kids or child labors and upload to the same platform. A face recognition and matching engine will kick off to match and link up faces from travellers’ pictures to missing children’s photo, and produce a visual report on timeline and map that track the movement of missing children from one location to another.
* Insaf Tracker – The idea is to develop a mobile application that can be used to ensure that even if the recovering addict is out of reach of friends and family members, the mobile application can still assist in the monitoring. Geo-fences can be set using the location based services of the mobile phone to indicate the area that is off-limits to the recovering addict. If that person enters the off-limit area, friends and family members will be notified via SMS so that they may call the recovering addict to advise them accordingly or the mobile application itself may advice the recovering addict using pop up messages or verbal TTS advices.
* Bees – “The idea of “”Bees”” comes from how the bees community communicates themselves when any one of them encounter problem/attacks and the ability to request for help from its nearby community to solve the problem together-the wireless way.
* Quickcauses – Quickcauses is a fund raising platform to manage community funds transparently.

If you want to be part of the weekend camp, 20-22 September or lend your skills to one of these ideas, submit you application now!

HuriLab – A Social Innovation Camp on human rights

Our friends at UNDP Armenia have been working on taking our Social Innovation Camp process to a new level: Working on a regional Social Innovation Camp on human rights called the HuriLab in Armenia.

They’ve gone out to UNDP partners and gathered a massive 111 ideas, choosing a stunning nine ideas to take forward in just two weeks’ time.

All the details are on their site – and we urge you to support the ideas if you can – but in brief, we have the following ideas:


“Labourize” (Armenia) – helping employees to pursue their labour rights.

“Ease of Access” (Belarus) – mapping access for the disabled.

“Legal Associate” (Bosnia & Herzegovina) – public awareness and crowdsourced legal aid.

“Symbolic violence map” (Iraq) – mapping violence against women in Iraq.

“Migrant aid” (Kyrgyzstan) – legal aid for migrant workers, a growing issue in Kyrgyzstan.

“E-citizen” (Montenegro) – an open platform to map public administration problems reported by citizens

“Instant consultant for the disabled” (Montenegro) – rights for the disabled

“Urban monitor” (Ukraine) – helping Ukraine government do public consultations


Some interesting points here:

  • Only Armenia and Kyrgyzstan have ever held a Social Innovation Camp before.
  • We’re still seeing new and interesting ideas developing locally
  • One-size-fits-all solutions don’t always work – the drivers for legal aid in different countries and for different purposes work, well, differently.


We’re terribly excited about the prospect of these nine ideas. If you think you can help, get in touch.