Culture Shift applications going strong


Final days of preparation

There are just a few days left ‘til our first Culture Shift kicks off in Lagos, and we are deep in the throes of reading all the applications for the Nigeria event and the event in Johannesburg the following week.

We’re completely blown away by the quality, number, and variety of people who want to come together and work, very hard (often after a full week’s work, or taking days off) to participate in this event. The people who attend make these events successful, so thank you all in advance for being so generous with your time and skills.

What we’re looking for

Remember, we’re getting high-potential creative types (museum managers, festival organisers, artists, filmmakers, writers) together with people they might not otherwise meet – top quality business brains, software developers, and designers—to explore how blending these two groups of people might spark new, interesting, and innovative projects & ventures.

It’s not too late – sign up!

There’s still time to sign up for the Johannesburg event as well as the Nairobi event.

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