Success story from SICamp Milan!

Today, we heard from the Milanese startup Fontrillo, previously known as Terza Primavera (third spring) who started up last June at Social Innovation Camp Milan. Fontrillo is an app centred on the needs of elder people using smart-phones, and it has been seeing a huge amount of success in Italy, with over a thousand downloads from the android platform!

Fontrillo, which is available to download free, enables:

  • The elderly to easily connect to their friends and family on their smartphones through a simple and well designed interface.
  • Includes a simple way to contact emergency services
  • And enables monitoring and remote assistance for the its user.

Check it out!

Social Innovation Camp Norway

Photo by Alex Asensi:

We were up in Oslo this last weekend for Social Innovation Camp Norway. Hosted in an old bank, walls lined with portraits of venerable old men in suits, grand and dusty chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. Merete and Therese from WorldWide Narrative were amazing hosts, with seeming undending energy – they kept the teams and ideas going all weekend from early morning till late at night.

The five teams were:

Just Fashion – Making ethical fashion appealing to the ordinary consumer, a lot of research has gone into the ethical credentials of the designers but the website is focused around the clothes themselves. Designers can put up their page on the platform and people can buy directly from them.

Mitgar – An app that gamifies doing good in your community.  It breaks down ‘Saving the world’ into simple achievable tasks that you can complete alone or in teams in order to win badges and prizes.

Kono– An education and peer to peer learning platform for norwegian high school students. Each student has their own profile that they can update with their strengths and weaknesses and get help from their peers.

Memory Lanes– An app that tells you the history of the places as you pass through them, connecting people to their history and that of their friends and family.

Green Dumpsterdiving – An app to help reduce waste by mapping and tagging skips to help people find furniture that has been thrown away and could be recycled.

After much deliberation the Judges chose Memory Lanes as the winner, who now get three months of office space at Mesh, Oslo’s startup coworking space. All the teams will also get a three month startup programme of support from Merete and Therese at World Wide Narrative. We look forward to following their progress!




Something different for Northern Ireland

Thanks to the Building Change Trust, we’ve been travelling around Northern Ireland meeting people with a plan to run a large programme in Derry~Londonderry in June.

After meeting with a lot of lovely people who were enthusiastic about the process, we think we were taking the wrong approach for Northern Ireland – so we’re going to do something a little different over a longer period of time. We’re still speaking with the Trust on exactly how that will work, but we’re hoping to run more events on a slightly smaller scale, and reach out into more places, all of which we think is important in Northern Ireland.

This means we’re shutting down our Call for Ideas for the moment, and having a bit of a re-think. Do get in touch if there’s an idea you’d like to talk about —  or something we can help with.

We’re hoping to be in Derry~Londonderry, a bit later in September – details here, shortly, as we’re talking to a few exciting partners about doing something pretty special. If you like digital + culture, get your mind ready to go.

If you’re interested in a medium-term social innovation engagement with us, do get in touch with us. We’re interested in talking to designers, developers, and people who understand social problems – whether you’re an expert or someone who experiences social challenges.