Social Innovation Camp UK

What happens when you get a bunch of software developers and social innovators together, give them a set of social problems and only 48 hours to solve them?

Social Innovation Camps are about finding out.

Once a year these weekend-long events bring together some of the best of the UK and Europe’s web developers and designers with people at the sharp end of social problems.

The Social Innovation Camp takes a set of ideas for web-based tools that will create social change and develops them over one weekend. Working with a diverse range of people, participants organise themselves into teams and help make a back-of-the-envelop idea into a working prototype – complete with working software – in just two days.

350+ ideas have been submitted to us in the UK in the last 3 years and we’ve built over 30 prototype social ventures. Social Innovation Camps are now spreading to other parts of the world – there have been 7 as of early 2011 in Nigeria, South Korea, Australia, Slovakia, Georgia, the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan.