Ideas submitted for Social Innovation Camp April 2008

Ideas selected for development at Social Innovation Camp April 2008

The selected ideas that were developed at the Social Innovation Camp, 4th-6th April 2008 were:

Barcode Wikipedia

A site for storing user-generated information – such as carbon footprint, manufacturing conditions and reviews – against a product, identified by its barcode number.

Enabled by Design

A resource for anyone looking to make adjustments to their lives, be it as a result of disability, injury or impairment.

Personal development reports

An online system that supports young people to identify their personal skills and qualities.

Prison visits

A tool to support the families of prisoners coping with the experience of being apart from a loved one.

Rate My CV

A site for helping jobseekers using Web 2.0 tools.


Freecycle meets Street Car: a stuff club.

Ideas submitted for Social Innovation Camp April 2008

Below are some of the entries for our April 2008 call for ideas. From these we chose six to be developed at the Social Innovation Camp weekend.

When ideas were submitted to us most were kept ‘open’ and posted below, with space for others to comment. Others chose to remain ‘closed’ and kept private.

‘Open’ submitted ideas:

Active Brokerage

Charities exchange

Community activities scheme

Consensus decision making

Cornici (Frames)

Corporate social enterprise

D-Craft, Contest 2.0


Face Your Cause

Give a Little

Grassroots organising application

Health and well-being centre

Idea Belt

International aid information centre

Jobs for ideas

Just Transition

Knowledge sharing wiki for NGOs

Learning mash-ups

Lebanese NGOs online

Life With Others

Lunch is on me

Map of disabled access for the UK

Micro-entrepreneur knowledge sharing network


My Green City

My Real Resume

Open source design network for public services

Open source policy development

Out of hours treatment service

Partner Up

Patient MySpace

Peer to Peer Walk to School campaign

Personal cycle routes in London

Picture collage community

Problem solving exchange

RSS to newsletter maker

Social Compost: Liberate Your Peelings!

Social networking for social activists

Social networking job site for Iraq

Start Making Sense Net

Supermarket Sweep

Team England Team

The Back of the Fridge

The Coffee Project

Third sector social networking for Europe

Tuition finder


UK services finder

Unsigned Recordings

We Appreciate Your Interest