Enabled by Design

The idea

Adaptation + Modern Design = Enabled by Design

A one stop portal website, that provides a comprehensive service for customers looking to buy design solutions (living aids) to make their daily tasks more manageable. This website would provide a useful resource for anyone looking to make adjustments to their lives, be it as a result of disability, injury or impairment.

The concept is that through clever modern design, solutions can be found to overcome most challenges. The website will focus on practical yet stylish design solutions for everyday life, with added features including professional advice, reviews, discussion forum and ebay-style auction area for members to sell second-hand equipment.

What social need does it address?

The potential client base for this service is huge. Not only will it provide a much needed service for the UK’s disabled population (18.2% or around 10 million people for England and Wales alone – according to the 2001 census), but also for a constantly varying range of people with injuries/impairments.

Now that the government has announced a move towards user-driven social care, there is an even greater demand for a website like Enabled by Design. People with personalised budgets will be looking for an accessible website service that provides information on a comprehensive range of design solutions (living aids and adaptations), with the offer of professional OT advice, customer reviews and the opportunity to buy, all in the same place. The website will benefit customers from this specific group, as well as anyone who has identified a need for additional support.

The website will be developed with a view to being fully accessible from its launch, hence meeting all customer needs from the outset.

What’s new about it?

Having carried out some research on the web, I am yet to find a centralised shopping portal website that provides support for people seeking to spend their personalised social care budgets. This website will have the primary function to help these people, as well as anyone else interested in making their lives easier through the use of gadgets and useful design. A secondary, although still very important, feature of this website will be its focus on design solutions that are practical yet aesthetically pleasing. I feel that the public, especially young people, would be much less resistant to using adaptations in their day to day lives, if these were stylish and modern in design.

Idea submitted by Denise Stephens

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